Graduate Students

Pilgyu Sang 

MS/PhD program  

B.S., Sungkyunkwan Univ., Electronic and Electrical Engineering (2016) 

- Best paper award from 2018 Optical Society of Korea Conference 
- Best poster award from 2019 Korean Society of Neurosonology Conference

Research area:  
Photoacoustic transmitters with high damage threshold, Fabrication and characterization of photoacoustic lens, LGFU systems, Small animal experiment

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Min Gyu Joo 

MS/PhD program    

B.S., Sungkyunkwan Univ., Electronic and Electrical Engineering (2017) 

Research area:  

LGFU simulation, Ultrasound field simulation, Low-frequency CNT-PDMS transmitters, Theoretical and experimental characterization of fiber-optic probe hydrophone 

Muhammad Awais Abbasi 

PhD program    
HEC Parkistan National Scholarship Recipient 

M.S., GC University Lahore, Electrical Engineering (2013)
B.S., COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Electronics Engineering (2011) 

Research area:  

Focal-length variable optoacoustic lenses 


Muhammad Faraz 

PhD program    
HEC Parkistan National Scholarship Recipient 

M.S., University of Engineering and Technology Taxila, Electrical Engineering (2014)
B.S., International Islamic University, Islamabad, Electronic Engineering (2009) 

Research area:  

Carbon-nanoparticle-based photoacoustic transmitters    


Kyu Kwan Park 

MS/PhD program    

B.S., Inha University, Information and Communication Engineering (2020) 

Research area:  

Photoacoustic strain sensor  

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Abhishek Joshi 

PhD program      

M.S., G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Electronics and Communication Engineering (2021) 

B.S., DIT University Dehradun, Electronics and Communication (2019) 

Research area:  


Undergraduate Students 


Ji Won Baek  

BS/MS/PhD program 

Sungkyunkwan Univ., Chemical Engineering (4th year) 

Research area:  



Chae Jeong Han     

BS program 

Sungkyunkwan Univ., Mechanical Engineering / Computer Engineering (4th year)

Research area:  


Da Young Choi  

BS program 

Sungkyunkwan Univ., Food Science and Biotechnology / Electronic and Electrical Engineering (4th year)  

Research area:  



Seung Hyo Han 

BS program  

Sungkyunkwan Univ., Electronic and Electrical Engineering (4th year) 
University of Texas, Austin, Electrical Engineering (2018)  

Research area:  

Quantum optics and communications 

Former Group Members

Deblina photo.PNG

Deblina Biswas   

Present affiliation:  Assistant Professor at Department of Bioengineering and Food Technology, Shoolini University, India    

Research Professor, Sungkyunkwan University (2021) 

Postdoctoral Fellow, Sungkyunkwan University (2018~2021) 

Ph.D, Indian Institute of Technology, Electrical Engineering (2017) 


Research area:  
Photoacoustic/ultrasound backscattered signal analysis for diagnostic applications  

Jeongmin Heo, Ph.D. (2020)    

Present affiliation:  Korea Institute of Science and Technology 

Best paper awards from 2016 and 2017 Korean Society of Medical and Biological Engineering Conferences 


Ph.D. Thesis:  
Laser-generated focused ultrasound transmitters for biomedical applications 


Gyu Sang Cho, M.S. (2020) 

Present affiliation:  Samsung Electronics, Smartphone Development Division 

M.S. Thesis:  

Fake finger screening based on photoacoustic characterization 

Seung Jin Lee, M.S. (2018) 

Present affiliation:  LG Innotek, Optical Device Division  


M.S. Thesis:  

Superposition of laser-generated focused ultrasound and piezoelectric focused ultrasound to facilitate acoustic cavitation  

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Young Hyun Ryu, B.S. (2020) 

B.S., Sungkyunkwan Univ., Bio-Mechatronic Engineering / Electronic and Electrical Engineering   

Research area:  

Applications of Wireless Portable Ultrasound Transducer

Kyu Tae Lee

Present affiliation:  Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Inha University 

Postdoctoral Fellow, Sungkyunkwan University, Electronic and Electrical Engineering (2018) 

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (2016~2017) 

Ph.D, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, EECS (2015)

jpg 김륜경 박사.jpg

Ryun Kyung Kim 

Research Professor, Sungkyunkwan University (2016~2018) 
Senior Researcher, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (2011~2015) 

Postdoctoral Fellow, Nagoya University, Japan (2008~2009) 

Ph.D, Sungkyunkwan Univ., Electronic and Electrical Engineering (2008) 

Research area:  

Fiber-Optic Sensor, Ultrasound Thermal Strain Imaging