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Nanocomposite for Optoacoustic Energy Conversion

SEM images of as-grown CNT films (by CVD process) are shown with different areal densitiies: top views (a~c) and side views (d~f)). Also, SEM images CNT-PDMS nanocomposite films for ultrasound generation are shown (g~i). Here, the CNT forest structure would not work as an efficient transmitter.  


Figure from Nanoscale 7,14460 (2015);  

the paper includes detailed explanation for optoacoustic generation mechanism from CNT-PDMS nanocomposite transmitters. 

Pressure waveforms generated from optoacoustic transmitters. The CNT-PDMS nanocomposite can generate very stronger pressure amplitude than the reference Cr film. This result was reported in 2010. Typically, the amplitude becomes several tens fold stronger. The ratio can vary with nanocomposite conditions, detector bandwidths, and measurement arrangements.    


Figure from Appl. Phys. Lett. 97, 234104 (2010)

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