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High-Energy Pulsed Raman Fiber Laser for Tissue Coagulation/Marking

An output spectrum of microsecond-pulsed Raman fiber laser. This laser produces up to 40 mJ/pulse at 1440-nm wavelength through a single-mode fiber. The wavelength corresponds to one of the major absorption peaks in water and therefore highly effective for tissue coagulation and marking. As it belongs to a range of 1300-1500 nm, the laser output can be coupled with an OCT system (i.e. sharing a single-mode fiber for imaging and tissue marking/therapy).  


Figure from Opt. Express 22(6), 7113 (2014)

OCT images of swine esophageal tissue before (left) and after (right) laser coagulation 


Figure from Beaudette et al., Biomed.Opt. Express 6(4), 1293 (2015)

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